"Fleet Full Sail"

The Fleet is a guild focused on PVP, be it a crafter, ganker or gatherer, everyone is always ready to ZVZ.

Albion Online

Fleet had a few members starting in Albion early on the not so final "Final Beta", but the guild only started officially on the last couple months of it, when core members decided to make a full move towards a new game. After a short 1 month period, core members and new ones that joined along the way were already in full force, wiping teams in Hellgates with much better gear and much more time under their belt, and that's just the beginning.

From Royals to Mercia

Fleet started officially on Beta 3 based out of Lymhurst, by half the Beta test we were based in east Anglia instead and on release we pushed from Anglia and we are now based in Mercia. We are proud of being one of the most well rounded guilds, with plenty of players in 5V5 such as HGs and GVGs, and very good open world presence with gankers, gatherers who are often on top of leaderboards and most importantly, good zerg numbers and very strict setup.

Organization is the Key

We put a lot of effort into building an efficient logistics system which doesn't burnout our leadership. At this point the guild is pretty much self sufficient. We have guides, rules and everything else documented to ease in new players joining, this also plays a big role on how we can get people up and running for zvzs quickly. We have players min-maxing gathering, crafting, flipping for money and even open world pvp in general.

Sounds Fun, I'm In!

Fleet is always looking for new potential members, if you liked what you read about us, feel free to apply, guidelines on how to apply can be found by clicking the button below:

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